DeConna Ice Cream

Ice Cream Freezer Rental Program

Guaranteed fresh frozen treats. A worry-free, low-cost ice cream freezer rental program. A wide variety of sizes to fit your facility’s needs. The profit margin will exceed your expectations. No-hassle installation. All you need is a 110-volt outlet; we’ll do the rest.

Our ice cream freezers are the perfect addition to any store, facility, or establishment. Just give us a call, and we’ll answer any questions you may have!

Buy Ice Cream In Bulk

How It Works

We at DeConna Ice Cream want to ensure your freezer maintenance program is as stress-free and easygoing as possible. Here’s how we do it.

Order Wholesale

Need wholesale ice cream with your new freezer? We’ve got you covered!

Deliver Ice Cream
We Deliver

We’ll deliver your stocked ice cream freezer directly to your business.

Mark Up and Sell
Set Your Prices

Sell DeConna Ice Cream at retail prices and watch your freezer turn empty.

Ice cream Cart
We Restock

Our ice cream freezers tend to sell out quickly. When that happens, just give us a call!

Get Started With DeConna Ice Cream
Get Started With DeConna Ice Cream
Ice Cream For Schools

Ice Cream FOR Everyone

We want to ensure that our customers get the full experience out of our wholesale ice cream and freezer programs. That means delicious DeConna Ice Cream, excellent service, and happy customers! When you hire us to set up and stock your DeConna ice cream freezer, you’re guaranteed incredible products at a great price.

Our mission is to have our ice cream freezers installed throughout different businesses throughout Florida and Georgia. And we look forward to working with companies like yours to help boost sales and expand business opportunities.

Whether you run a gas station, convenience store, restaurant, supermarket, or other business, DeConna Ice Cream is here for you!

Get Started With DeConna Ice Cream
Need Ice Cream?

We’ve Got You Covered

Our ice cream freezer program is perfect for any business, big or small! We’ll take care of everything from delivery to installation. All you need to do is provide the space and the proper voltage. DeConna’s ice cream freezers are sure to liven up any store. You can choose from ice cream carts or freezers and we will handle the rest.

Convenience Stores

Our ice cream freezers are perfect for convenience stores because of their practical size and easy installation!

Gas Stations

Ice cream freezers make the perfect addition to any gas station by giving your customers more options for tasty treats.


DeConna’s Ice Cream makes ice cream freezers readily available to schools and universities!


Our low-cost, hassle-free installation process is perfect for supermarkets looking to drive sales.


DeConna’s Ice Cream makes ice cream freezers readily available to schools and universities!


We offer ice cream freezers that are excellent for restaurants, cafes, and other food vendors.