Mini Ice Cream Cups

DeConna offers a variety of individualized portions of Mini Ice Cream Cups to stock everything from Gas Stations, Ice Cream Shops, and small family businesses to large corporations; we supply all customers looking for a treat at a great price. 

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  • Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Cup

    Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Cups

    Delight your customers with this sweet treat. These frozen dessert cups combine real vanilla ice cream with another classic ice cream flavor, chocolate!

  • Chocolate Ice Cream Cup

    Chocolate Ice Cream Cups

    Ditch the ice cream cones with this delicious dessert. Our chocolate ice cream cups are made with premium ingredients, and our bulk discount will keep these chocolate cups in the freezer. 

  • Chocolate Sundae Cup

    Chocolate Sundae Cup

    Imagine sinking your spoon into a DeConna Chocolate Sundae Cup. The perfect blend of vanilla and chocolate flavor can now be enjoyed on the go, without all the mess of a sundae bar. With the convenience of wholesale chocolate sundae cups, you can bring this classic ice cream combination to any event or occasion.

  • Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream Cup

    Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream Cups

    Our Chocolate Swirl snack-size ice cream cups have a rich chocolate fudge swirl combined with a classic vanilla flavor. DeConna’s Ice cream cups will surely delight your customers’ taste buds!

  • Classic Sundae

    Classic Sundae

    DeConna offers the Sundae classics, strawberry fruit topping, or chocolate syrup to stock everything from small family businesses to large corporations; we supply all customers looking for frozen desserts at a great price.

  • Cookies N Cream Cup

    Cookies And Cream Sundae

    Combining the fan-favorite flavor of cookies ‘n cream ice cream with the convenience of a pre-packaged cup, DeConna’s cookies & cream sundae is a top seller for hospitals, schools, and other bulk orders. They store very well for months on end and are easy for anyone to enjoy.

  • Cookies and Fudge Sundae

    Cookies and Fudge Sundae Cup

    Craving restaurant-quality dessert without the work or mess? DeConna’s Cookies and Fudge Ice Cream Cup combines creamy vanilla ice cream, crunchy cookie crumble, and rich fudge in every spoonful. It’s an ice cream bar dream come true, all conveniently pre-mixed in individually packaged servings perfect for schools, hospitals, or events.

  • Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cup

    Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cups

    Take you, customers, to the county fair with these Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cups. Our treats will surely be a hit at your business, and DeConna’s bulk discounts will keep these cups in your freezers!

  • Cotton Candy Sundae

    Cotton Candy Sundae Cup

    Craving something sweet? Our cotton candy sundae is the perfect choice! Enjoy the whimsical flavors of cotton candy combined with the rich creaminess of our ice cream. It’s a dessert dream come true!

  • strawberry ice cream cup

    Strawberry Ice Cream Cups

    Sweet Summer Strawberries scream warm weather and fun in the sun. Our ice cream cups are made with premium ingredients, and our bulk discount will keep these creamy treats in your freezer. 

  • Strawberry sundae cup

    Strawberry Sundae Cup

    Looking to deliver restaurant quality dessert without all the fuss? DeConna’s wholesale Strawberry Sundae Cups might be just the solution! Each perfectly-portioned cup contains an irresistible blend of creamy vanilla ice cream topped with premium strawberry sauce. Our sundae cups are perfect for store shelves, ice cream truck freezers, or school cafeterias! Bring this classic ice cream combination to any event or occasion.

  • Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Cup

    Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Cups

    Fresh Strawberries will bring your customers to summer vacation time. Our strawberry swirl ice cream cups are refreshing and put a twist on DeConna’s traditional vanilla and strawberry cup novelties. 

  • Vanilla Ice Cream Cup

    Vanilla Ice Cream Cups

    Delight your customers’ taste buds with DeConna’s vanilla ice cream cups. These delicious desserts are a classic flavor, portable, and fun for kids and adults alike.

Prepackaged Ice Cream Cups At Wholesale Pricing  

Are you looking to offer individual ice cream portions for your business or your next event? At DeConna Ice Cream, we want to ensure you can focus on happy customers and higher profits, so we make the wholesale process as stress-free and easygoing as possible. Here's how we do it! Order your Mini Ice Cream Cups wholesale at a competitive price, get the treats delivered directly to your location, and start selling; don't worry about running out of these desserts because we also handle restocking.

When you work with us, you can be guaranteed that your profits will increase, your event will be a success, and customers will keep coming back for these perfectly portioned treats. We cover wholesale distribution in Florida and Southern Georgia. Our customers mean the world to us, and we're happy to assist with any event, from birthday parties to office parties or any business you're running.

Our selection of Ice Cream Cups are a perfect size, and we offer a variety of flavors, like Chocolate, Strawberry , Classic Sundae, and a Chocolate/Vanilla Mix . Reach out for your mini ice cream cups today; you won't regret it!