Italian Ice

Fill your freezer with delicious Italian ice from DeConna! Save money and increase your profits with Italian ice bulk pricing. We have a wide selection of flavors from lemonade, to watermelon, or even cotton candy!

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  • cherry italian ice

    Cherry Italian Ice Cup

    Italian ice is a popular dessert all around the world, especially for ice cream lovers who want a dairy-free option. DeConna’s Cherry Italian Ice is a fan-favorite flavor, combining sweet and sour for a taste-bud teasing treat. 

  • Cotton Candy Blue Raspberry

    Cotton Candy Blue Raspberry Italian Ice Cup

    Can’t decide between tart blue raspberry italian ice and sweet cotton candy italian ice? Great news! You don’t have to pick with the delicious blue raspberry flavor of DeConna’s cotton candy water ice. These refreshing dessert cups taste as good as they look and are an allergy-friendly ice cream alternative!

  • frozen lemonade slush cups

    Frozen Lemonade Slush Cup

    Introducing the refreshing and tangy delight that is DeConna’s Frozen Lemonade Slush Cup. This frozen novelty captures the classic citrus punch of lemonade in the form of Italian water ice! Delivering a delectable blend of real lemon juice, our lemonade cup is as refreshing as it is tasty. 

  • lemon lime italian ice

    Lemon Lime Italian Ice Cup

    There’s nothing like ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer day. With DeConna’s Lemon Lime Italian Ice Cups, you can enjoy that level of refreshment anytime! Best of all, it’s always ice- cold.

  • Mango Italian Ice Cup

    Mango Italian Ice Cup

    Imagine taking a bite of a tender, tropical mango, now transform that into Italian ice. That’s exactly what you get with DeConna’s Mango Italian Ice Cup! This delightful treat is perfect for hot summer days, fancy desserts, or just relaxing at the end of the day. Enjoy the delicious taste of mango anytime!!

  • watermelon italian ice cup

    Watermelon Italian Ice Cup

    Imagine biting into a juicy, succulent watermelon on a warm summer day. Now, imagine that delight in smooth, refreshing Italian ice form. Make this a reality with DeConna’s Watermelon Italian Ice! This decadent dessert delivers the bliss of ripe, sweet watermelon, in a convenient and allergen-friendly cup. 

Wholesale Italian Ice  

Are you looking to buy water ice wholesale or Italian ice cups in bulk? Well, look no further! We are a wholesale ice cream distributor offering the best prices across Florida and Southern Georgia. DeConna's fleet of vehicles has been distributing frozen treats to schools, convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, ice cream parlors, retirement homes, hospitals, and more since 1947!

Italian ice is an allergen-friendly frozen treat that comes in many flavors. Similar to shaved ice, snow cones, or sorbet, this European dessert is a staple in fancy restaurants and outdoor special events. DeConna's single-serve cups make it easy to sell or enjoy Italian ice anywhere. Enjoy a variety of flavors and top-notch service to keep your freezer or business stocked.

At DeConna Ice Cream, we want to ensure you can focus on happy customers and good business, so we make the wholesale process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Just arrange your shipment of Italian ice and other ice cream novelties from us, get the treats delivered to your doorstep, and start selling/enjoying top-quality frozen desserts! Hassle-free resupplies are only a phone call or email away.

Call us today to arrange your first order! Partnering with DeConna is like having an ice cream truck on call.