Ice Cream for Hospitals
DeConna Ice Cream

Ice Cream for Hospitals

Ice cream is a staple when it comes to hospital food. This universally-loved frozen dessert is good for easy calories, especially for those with mouth or throat discomfort who cannot chew solid food.

DeConna ice cream for hospitals makes for a better patient experience and promotes both physical and mental wellness! Our products are available to buy in bulk.

Ice Cream Programs

Ways To Sell Ice Cream

Many medical centers and hospitals stock ice cream products as a regular option in their cafeteria. For facilities without the infrastructure to store and serve frozen goods, there are other options. Storing and serving frozen treats like premium ice cream can be challenging in some facilities. Individually packaged treats make it much simpler, as can deliveries for special events.

Get Started With DeConna Ice Cream

Get Started With DeConna Ice Cream
Buy Ice Cream In Bulk

How It Works

Put a smile on your patient’s faces! We have all the delicious ice cream your hospital needs. At DeConna Ice Cream, we make ordering ice cream fun and easy!

Order Wholesale

Choose from basic vanilla ice cream, fruit flavors, or pre-packaged ice cream sandwiches! No quantity is too big or small.

Deliver Ice Cream
Receive Your Product

We’ll arrive on time and stage your products. No lugging heavy equipment or products around.

Mark Up and Sell
Markup and Sell

You are free to resell our products or include them in your dietitian’s programs.

Ice cream Cart
We’ll Restock

If you run low on anything, just give us a shout, and we’ll rush back over with a restock!

Ice Cream For Schools

Ice Cream Perfect for Patients or Healthcare Workers

Ice cream is one of the most popular comfort foods in the world and a staple in most hospitals. Whether you’ve gotten your tonsils removed, or have another condition preventing you from eating whole food, melt-in-your-mouth ice cream is the perfect solution to combat malnutrition with short-term calories, vitamin d, and a few grams of protein. 

Our treats aren’t just for hospital patients; Workers and visitors love the great taste of our premium ice cream, too! We also offer low-fat and gluten-free options for weight loss and well-being. Whether you’re craving chocolate chips or fruit sherbet, we’ve got you covered!

Get Started With DeConna Ice Cream
Need Ice Cream?

We’ve Got You Covered

No matter what your facility handles, we’re proud to provide delicious treats for your staff and clients. Some common organizations we support are:

Long-term care

In cases of disease or injury, ice cream is easy to eat and can help relieve pain for some conditions. It also promotes mental wellness.


Ice cream is a staple in most cafeterias. Frozen desserts are a popular choice for kids at school or adults in the workplace. 

Senior Living Facilities

Ice cream is an ideal comfort food in assisted living communities and offers some additional benefits for a number of dietary restrictions. 


Sundae bars are a popular fundraiser option on their own or in addition to a charity dinner. We are proud to assist in these charitable endeavors. 

Daily Food Service

Cold foods can reduce pain for mouth and throat injuries. Ice cream is also a commonly requested comfort food by patients of any condition. 

Dining Hall

Every dining experience needs a delicious treat. Ice cream can be an integral part of recipes or standalone desserts to top off any meal.