Ice Cream For Schools
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Ice Cream For Schools

Flavorful and healthy options children will love! Products that meet all nutritional guidelines. Friendly, efficient order and delivery system.

The parents would love it if their kids could enjoy ice cream now and then, but buying for a classroom full of kids can be expensive. School districts across Florida and Georgia discover that DeConna delivers great-tasting ice cream to schools at prices that are hard to resist.

Ice Cream Programs

Ways To Sell Ice Cream

Get ready for ice cream season! DeConna has all the delicious ice cream your school needs. Serving up classic favorites in mini ice cream cups to fun popsicles.

DeConna Freezer
Ice Cream Freezer Program

Our ice cream freezers are perfect for cafeterias and dining halls!

Ice Cream Cart Rental
Ice Cream Carts

Planning a school dance or festival? Our ice cream carts are perfect for outdoor activities.

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A World Of Flavors

Novelties, & ice cream Cups For Schools

Our DeConna labeled ice cream and novelty products are perfect for kids of all ages!

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How It Works

All schools from elementary to high school to colleges will love having access to DeConna Ice Cream in your ice cream freezer or vending machine.

Order Wholesale

Want to serve DeConna Ice Cream in your cafeteria or dining hall? Order wholesale!

Deliver Ice Cream
We Deliver

We’ll deliver our delicious ice cream directly to your school or university.

Mark Up and Sell
Markup ANd Sell

Our unbeatable prices make it easy to sell DeConna Ice Cream at festivals or fundraisers!

Ice cream Cart
We Restock

Our unbeatable prices make it easy to sell DeConna Ice Cream at festivals or fundraisers!

Ice Cream For Schools

Ice Cream SChool Programs

Ice cream is a favorite food of children of all ages, and our ice cream is one of those rare treats that kids not only love but can feel good about eating. We offer ice cream for schools as part of events, school lunches, or as an after-school snack.

For kids, eating nutritious foods can be difficult. But with DeConna, you can provide wholesome alternatives for your customers without breaking the budget—and give your students a treat that will keep them coming back for more.

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We’ve Got You Covered

Our distributors will deliver to schools across Florida and Georgia. Our DeConna ice cream flavors are popular among kids whether they’re in elementary school, high school, or college.


DeConna Ice Cream is a perfect option to give your kids the perfect student snack. Put our products in your cafeteria to sweeten up students’ afternoons!

Dining Halls

Since DeConna Ice Cream specializes in wholesale ice cream, colleges across Florida and Georgia can take advantage of our frozen treats.


Pizza parties are cliché, Have an ice cream party instead. Bring your kids a favorite treat at an unbeatable price.


We want to bring great-tasting ice cream to your next school dance. Our ice cream is sold wholesale so that we can sell it to you for a great price!


Enjoy your school’s next sporting event with DeConna Ice Cream readily available at the concession stand!


We can help you serve ice cream at your next school festival or carnival. Just give us a call and ask about our ice cream carts!