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DeConna has become a premier full-service ice cream distribution operation. We offer tons of services, including mobile street vending, wholesale ice cream sales, food service desserts, and direct store delivery. DeConna Ice Cream has the capability to meet all types of customer needs, no matter what the size.






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Save money by buying in bulk! Our delicious DeConna branded ice cream is available to buy in bulk, making it more affordable, fresher, and more sustainable. With our bulk distribution service, you can rest easy knowing you’ll never run out of product.

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How It Works

We at DeConna Ice Cream want to ensure your wholesale experience is as stress-free and easygoing as possible. Here’s how we do it.

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We offer competitive wholesale opportunities for your store or business.

We Deliver

Experience swift and reliable direct store delivery.

Markup ANd Sell

Get the best ice cream brands and flavors at affordable prices.

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Run out of inventory? Not a problem with DeConna Ice Cream!

Sell Ice Cream Anywhere

Sell Ice Cream Anywhere

When you buy wholesale ice cream from DeConna Ice Cream, it’s our mission to ensure that you can sell ice cream anywhere and everywhere. From small local businesses to large corporations, we supply all customers looking for quality products at a great price. We’ve got the finest ice cream in the United States, from ice cream novelties to soft serve to frozen yogurt (and more).

Our continued success is proof that we have reached out to fulfill our mission. We look forward to working with more individuals and companies who want us as their wholesale suppliers and their operations even further.

We want to continue fulfilling our company vision of becoming one of America’s premier wholesale ice cream distributors. Whether you run a coffee shop, pizzeria, convenience store, or ice cream truck, we can supply everything you need!

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DeConna’s fleet of vehicles distributes our DeConna label products as well as quality products from other fine manufacturers, including Ben and Jerry’s, to schools, convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, ice cream parlors, hospitals, and other institutions throughout Florida and southern Georgia. DeConna also markets our products throughout the United States and the Caribbean.


DeConna’s Ice Cream makes a variety of bulk ice cream available to schools and universities, where they can serve it in their cafeteria or dining hall.

Ice Cream Shops

DeConna Ice Cream is available wholesale to ice cream retailers! Our goal is to put our premium product into every scoop shop in the United States.


We will sell our ice cream wholesale to local restaurants who can then use it in their unique desserts. Your customers won’t know what hit them!


Our ice cream treats come in practical packaging that won’t take up much space on a convenience store shelf, but will still leave customers satisfied.


We can set up distribution contracts that will let us stock your supermarket’s ice cream freezer. Your customers will love our variety of brands and flavors.


Did you know that it’s possible to sell wholesale ice cream in your hospital? Provide your patients with an extra dose of comfort with DeConna Ice Cream!

About DeConna Ice Cream

Since 1947 With Love

DeConna Ice Cream was founded by “Big Daddy” Don DeConna in Miami during the late 1940s. Mr. DeConna expanded his small vending operation to include manufacturing and distribution. In 1963 he moved the business to Gainesville, Florida.


Today, our family-owned company distributes a “World of Flavors” from our modern cold storage complex on 33 acres in Reddick, Florida. Our facility is conveniently located 1 mile east of I-75 on Highway 318. DeConna also has distribution facilities in Tampa and Palm Bay, Florida

Reddick, Fl
6300 W Highway 318 Reddick, Florida 32686 Toll Free: 1-800-824-8254 FAX: (352) 591-4418

Tampa, Fl
4605 North Clark Ave. Tampa, Florida 33614 Toll Free: 1-888-933-9418 Telephone: (813) 876-1601 Fax: (813) 876-5901

Palm Bay, Fl
1998 Danr Drive Palm Bay, Florida 32905 Toll Free: 1-800-790-2422 Telephone: (321) 725-7851 FAX: (321) 952-9075