DeConna Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cart Rentals

The rental includes an umbrella and ramps to load and unload the cart. We can stock the cart and load and unload it for you here at our warehouse. The pushcart program is suitable for all occasions, from small parties to very large corporate or social gatherings.

We will provide a clean, attractive vintage ice cream pushcart and the highest quality ice cream products available

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A World Of Flavors

Novelties, & ice cream ‘Oh My’

Our DeConna labeled ice cream products will make the perfect addition to your ice cream cart rental.

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Ice Cream Carts For Parties

With our ice cream cart rentals, your event will exceed any expectations. DeConna Ice Cream Carts are always a crowd favorite, especially during the warm spring and summer months. If you include our pushcarts for your next outdoor event, you’ll be met with top-notch customer service and satisfied guests.

It is our goal to provide beautiful, crowd-pleasing cart rentals to make sure your next event is a successful one. Our high-quality cart rental services spread throughout Florida and Southern Georgia!

Whether you’re hosting a party, wedding, festival, or other exciting events, we want to continue fulfilling our company vision of becoming a premier ice cream distributor.

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