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DeConna Ice Cream

Ice Cream Truck Rental for Parties & Special Events

Is there a special event you want to make truly special? A classic ice cream truck serving smiles to your guests is one way to do it! Our DeConna ice cream truck rental service is sure to make any outdoor event in Florida and South Georgia fun and memorable.

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A World Of Flavors

A Magnificent Medley of Ice Cream Products!

We have a wide variety of frozen treats from top brands to fill our trucks or ice cream carts for any catered ice cream event.

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ice cream truck rental for parties

Delicious Frozen Desserts on Wheels

Don’t wrestle with heavy coolers full of ice cream or overstuffed freezers. Don’t worry about popsicles melting in the sun. Our ice cream truck rental for parties will arrive on the scene with everything you need for a fun and memorable event.

Our ice cream selection includes:

  • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Ice cream bars
  • Popsicles
  • Gourmet ice cream treats
  • Single-serving mini-cups options
  • Your favorite ice cream flavors

If you have any favorite flavors of ice cream or would like to pair down the flavor selections, we’re happy to accommodate. Include any special dietary requests with your reservation, such as low-fat, dairy-free options, or nut-free options. It’s an ice cream catering extravaganza!

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