Ice Cream Products

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  • Classic Chocolate Ice Cream

    Classic Chocolate

  • Classic Sundae

    Classic Sundae

    DeConna offers the Sundae classics, strawberry fruit topping, or chocolate syrup to stock everything from small family businesses to large corporations; we supply all customers looking for frozen desserts at a great price.

  • Classic Vanilla Ice Cream

    Classic Vanilla

  • Coconut Fruit Popsicle

    Coconut Fruit Bars

  • Cookies and Cream Pint

    Cookies ‘n Cream

  • Cookies n Cream Bar

    Cookies & Cream Bar

  • cookies n cream ice cream cone

    Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cone

    DeConna’s cookies & cream cone combines the fan-favorite cookies & cream ice cream with the convenience of an individually packaged cookie cone! These delicious desserts include a decadent chocolate-coated cone filled with premium vanilla ice cream and topped with an irresistible layer of cookie crumble!

  • Cookies n Cream Sandwich

    Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich

    DeConna’s Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches are sure to be a hit with any ice cream sandwich fan! If you own an ice cream shop or ice cream truck, these sweet treats are an ideal choice.

  • Cookies N Cream Cup

    Cookies And Cream Sundae

    Combining the fan-favorite flavor of cookies ‘n cream ice cream with the convenience of a pre-packaged cup, DeConna’s cookies & cream sundae is a top seller for hospitals, schools, and other bulk orders. They store very well for months on end and are easy for anyone to enjoy.

  • Cookie n Cream Half-Gallon Ice Cream

    Cookies n Cream Ice Cream

    DeConna’s Cookies n Cream Half Gallons will surely be a hit with any ice cream fan. This flavor is a must-have if you own an ice cream shop or any other business!

  • Cotton Candy Bar

    Cotton Candy Ice Cream Bar

    Looking to bring Carnival Cotton Candy to your event or business but don’t want the mess? DeConna can take your customers to the county fair with individually wrapped Cotton Candy Ice Cream Bars!

  • Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cup

    Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cups

    Take you, customers, to the county fair with these Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cups. Our treats will surely be a hit at your business, and DeConna’s bulk discounts will keep these cups in your freezers!

  • Cotton Candy Sundae Cup

    Cotton Candy Sundae Cup

    Craving something sweet? Our cotton candy sundae is the perfect choice! Enjoy the whimsical flavors of cotton candy combined with the rich creaminess of our ice cream. It’s a dessert dream come true!

  • Sour Cherry Ice Cream

    Double Dare Sour Cherry Bar

  • Everyday Sundae Cone

    Everyday Sundae Cone

    Need an ice cream cone dessert without worrying about scooping ice cream for customers or party guests? Look no further; DeConna’s everyday sundae cone is perfect for any party or business owner.

  • Fudgie Bar

    Fudgie Bar